Holiday glam inspired by Coco Jones

Coco Jones inspired makeup tutorial

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The holidays are usually a time we put a little extra oomph into our look. To up your glam for all this festive fun, we are recreating a stunning gold-hued look that’s bound to turn heads. Whether you’re attending holiday parties, picking out the perfect Christmas tree, or getting your gift shopping done, this gold-hued look is versatile enough to accompany you on every holiday-filled adventure. It’s subtle, yet glamorous and inspired by some of the looks we’ve seen from celebs like Coco Jones. Want to achieve this look but need a little help? Book #YBL makeup services and we’ll be there in a jiff. Otherwise, follow the guide, you got this.


Step 1 | Prepping: A Flawless Base
Usually we recommend a sheet mask, La Roche-Posay’s daily face moisturizer with SPF, and a touch of Smashbox primers for an ultra smooth base for your foundation.

Step 2 | Brow Perfection: Shaping the Face Frame

It’s so often overlooked but brows can make or break your look. Start by filling in with Sephora’s beauty brow pencil. Use Shape Tape concealer by Tarte to define and highlight those arches, creating a perfectly framed face. Take the concealer and follow the inner line of your brow arch, this creates definition for your brows and makes a huge difference in your look.

Step 3 | Eyes that Sparkle: Morphe Tease the Season Palette

For this festive look, we turn to the Morphe Tease the Season palette. A subtle light brown in the crease sets the stage, followed by a mesmerizing gold shimmer that adds a touch of holiday magic. The eyes become the focal point, drawing attention with depth and dimension.

We start with a beige as a base across the entire eye and then add the gold shimmer generously. With the gold shimmer in place, we introduce a darker shade for added depth. This darker hue is carefully applied, creating a captivating gaze that’s perfect for the festivities.

A winged eyeliner look is achieved with precision using Inglot eyeliner gel. The addition of false lashes elevates the glamor, creating a wow factor that’s essential for any holiday look.

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara adds the finishing touch to the lashes. A subtle touch of concealer under the eyes and a darker eyeshadow application add the final flair to the eye makeup.

Step 4 | Contouring and Blushing: Sculpting the Face

Contouring takes center stage with shades slightly darker than Madison’s natural tone. Nars and Tarte Shape Tape create definition along the jawline, enhancing the overall sculpted look. A touch of blush from Rare Beauty adds a rosy glow, perfect for those holiday photos.

Huda Beauty’s pink setting powder ensures that the masterpiece stays intact. Applied under the eyes, alongside the nose, and on the forehead, it sets the stage for the grand finale.

Step 5 | Lip Perfection: The Final Flourish

The lips are cleaned and lined with precision using DC Beautiful lip liner. Colour Pop’s ultra glossy lip gloss, with its neutral shade and coral undertones, adds the perfect finishing touch, tying the entire look together.

Shine Bright with #YBL

The final look is subtle yet glamorous, designed to complement gold or neutral outfits during this holiday season. It’s a celebration of elegance and style, just in time for the festivities. Check out the YouTube video to follow step-by-step. Our product list is below, and feel free to sub for your favorites. Embrace the spirit of the season, and don’t forget to subscribe for more beauty tips and tutorials to help you live Your Best Life. 

From all of us at #YBL, have a magical and glamorous holiday season! ✨✨✨



🌟Products used for Coco Jones gold-hued look 🌟


💖Smashbox, Correcting Primer – Photo Finish Correct Anti-Redness Primer with Rose, Algae & Mushroom | https://www.smashbox.com/product/6038/101263/face/photo-finish-primer/photo-finish-correct-anti-redness-primer-with-rose-algae-mushroom

❄Smashbox, Photo Finish Primer – Photo Finish Foundation Primer | https://www.smashbox.com/product/6038/18502/face/photo-finish-primer/photo-finish-foundation-primer

😍Tarte, Shape Tape Full Coverage Concealer – Shape Tape™ Full-Coverage Concealer | https://tartecosmetics.com/shop/shape-tape-concealer-836.html 

🎁Morphe, Tis the Season, 35-shade palette – 35TE Tease the Season Color Artistry Palette | https://www.morphe.com/collections/35-pan-palettes/products/35te-tease-the-season-artistry-palette  

👁Inglot, Eyeliner Gel – AMC Eyeliner Gel | https://inglotusa.com/eyeliners/99-939-amc-eyeliner-gel#/922-amc_eyeliner_gel-77

🦋L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara – Voluminous Waterproof Volume Building Mascara | https://www.lorealparisusa.com/makeup/eye/mascara/voluminous-waterproof-mascara

🏠House of Lashes, Dark Lash Glue – Latex-Free Eyelash Adhesive | https://houseoflashes.com/collections/lash-adhesive/products/hol-dark-lash-adhesive

🍪Jimire lashes on Amazon | https://www.amazon.com/JIMIRE-Eyelashes-Fluttery-Handmade-Natural/

🦌MAC Studio Radiance Foundation | https://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13847/119586/products/makeup/face/foundation/studio-radiance-serum-powered-foundation

🌺Rare beauty blush and highlighter | https://www.rarebeauty.com/products/blush-highlight-custom-set

⛄Huda Beauty setting power | https://hudabeauty.com/us/en_US/powder-and-setting-spray/easy-bake-loose-powder-banana-bread-HB00142.html

✏DC beautiful on Amazon for lip liner | https://www.amazon.com/DC-BEAUTIFUL-Premium-Waterproof-Pencils-Lipliners/

💄Colour Pop Glossy – Bubblegum Ultra Glossy Lipstick | https://colourpop.com/products/pasadena-ultra-glossy-lip