Wedding and bachelorette favors, plus more

Ultra customized wedding and bachelorette favors, plus unique, one-of-a-kind proposal boxes for your wedding party, all in partnership with Queen of craft and #YBL Creative Director, CraftBae

Let us make something ultra special, unique to you and your crew.

Get your crew to say "I do"

Bachelorette favors

If you can dream it, we can make it

Get a free proposal inclusive of mood board, quick digital mockups, and pricing. Just take our super quick quiz so we have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Perm or custom jewelry

Whether for your bachelorette or for your wedding day, #YBL can help you celebrate with permanent jewelry to commemorate your special day. Not sure on permanent? We also create custom jewelry.



Make it one-of-a-kind with an engraved charm for a special message just to your boo(s). Inquire with form and get more info here.

#YBL's pretty little things

Glam accessories for you and your crew that you just can’t find anywhere.

Everything is customized to you or uniquely sourced where it cannot be sold through Amazon, Etsy, or other common resellers.

Fortune cookie bath bombs in a variety of scents
Customizable stadium bag, in white or pink.
Holographic gold glitter rainbow bag
Wedding party proposal box with custom robe, PJs, and more


The answer is it depends. Because everything is mostly uniquely sourced and made for you, we can partner with you and come up with a proposal that is 100% you. We do have a few standard options, fan favorites that we can always suggest.

Usually about 2-weeks, but again, it depends. 🙂

Simple, design your jewelry and we will deliver it. It’s a great gift and we can engrave or source unique charms to make it extra memorable. We’re also happy to offer permanent jewelry at your bachelorette, or any other occasion.