Wedding party and
bridal beauty services

We are dedicated to personalized beauty services to make your wedding vision a reality. Contact us so we can understand your needs and build you a custom quote for Your Best Day. 

Bridal beauty services

It’s really all about the bride, don’t skimp on the hair and makeup.

Bridal makeup services include detailed skin preparation and expert makeup application, featuring options for both traditional and airbrush techniques, as well as precise contouring to accentuate your features. You’ll also receive a customized touch-up kit, tailored just for you, including your chosen lip color and other essentials to maintain your flawless look throughout the event.

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Bridal beauty trials

We get it, it’s your wedding, it’s a big deal, and we want you to love your look. Visit us at our north Scottsdale location and let’s trial your look for $150. If you say “I do,” $75 goes towards service. Trial includes key elements of your look so you can feel confident in your booking (and you better plan a night out after, you’ll look fab).



Need a trial in Vegas or Utah, or just want it in your house while you’re in your PJs? Mobile option available when booking for a small travel fee.


Eventually, everywhere. But for now we have a focus offer bridal services in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City.

If your wedding is about 25-miles within the major metro we support, there is no travel fee. More remote weddings may require a fee but is dependent on how many services you book.

The virtual consult is when we connect you with your #YBL-er(s) to get a sense of what kind of look you’re going for, we’ll also talk logistics (and don’t worry, we know things are subject to change). We take every appointment seriously, but for weddings, we are honored you are trusting us for your look on your big day, so it’s important to us that you love your services.
During the consultation, we’ll review inspiration images, talk about your preferred style, consider your skin type, and discuss all logistical elements to ensure a smooth and as stress-free experience as possible. After our session, you’ll receive a custom mood board from us, crafted to ensure consistency and clarity in achieving your desired look for your wedding day.

The virtual consult is included when booking bridal beauty services.

Absolutely. We require the virtual consult for all booked bridal appointments, no matter what.

For a makeup test run, absolutely. We’re all about it. 50% of the service cost will go towards your bridal makeup services if you book.

#YBL provides our beauticians core makeup products, like foundations, palettes, etc., but the beautician has flexibility to add her flair to it too. All #YBL kits include MAC palettes, Fenty foundations, Huda finishing powder, and we’re always testing the latest and greatest (we just bought every shade of Fenty lipstick and Sephora lipliners, we go a bit nuts). You can see what we’re using in some of our YouTube tutorials.

Just contact us. We’ll figure out what you need and send out the right number of beauticians to meet your needs, and you budget.