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Kayleigh, beautician with #YBL

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A certified esti, Kayleigh has been performing services for over 5 years, and while she loves consulting on client’s skincare, makeup is her first love.

Book Kayleigh for whatever makeup look you’re going for and know that she is always looking to up-level her skills to help you live Your Best Life.


Kayleigh's current beauty favs

Gucci mascara

A touch of luxury is good for the soul. While lots of beauty pros opt for a more economical mascara, Kayleigh swears by Gucci's formula.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny

Stay sleek with Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny hair serum. This potion wards off frizz in any weather to keep hair smooth and shiny.

Armani foundation

After tons of experimenting, #YBL landed as the Giorgio Armani foundation as a staple for all #YBL-ers. After using it once with #YBL, Kayleigh is ALL IN.


with work

I couldn't have been happier with my makeup. It lasted all night and my eyes looked PERFECT. The false lashes didn't even bother me once.
Makeup services by Kayleigh with #YBL, check out those eyes!