Go extra femme with #YBL lash services. Currently, we offer lash lifts and tints. The lift is like a perm for your lashes. Just like the brow lamination, we will follow a three-step process to curl and perm your lashes for effortless beauty. And we can tint your lashes for 24/7, natural beauty. You won’t even need mascara! 

Currently, lash services are only available in Phoenix, Arizona but more markets will be added soon.

Like PB + Jelly | lashes + brows

The two go great together, if you’re coming in anyways … why not just get both?

Lash lift (lift + tint)

By lifting and fixing each individual hair, lash lifts create the illusion of thicker, perfectly volumized lashes. With our Elleebana products, the results typically last about 12 weeks (depending on maintenance). Get a lash lift to achieve effortless beauty (and you can ditch the mascara!) 

Lash lift and tent
Lash lift

Lift only

Already have dark lashes? Can’t live without your mascara? Get just the lift for the volume on your lashes and skip the tint.


Results for lash lift services using the Ellebana products typically last 12-weeks. Tints will last 6-12 weeks, depending on your natural color.

A lash lift and tint appointment takes approximately 30-minutes. This service is often paired with a brow lamination, or a mini facial so you can indulge a bit longer!

In our appointment book, we offer lash lifts and tints, lash lifts, or just a tint can be an add on if you book another service. 

We would happily do a quick FaceTime / video consult to take a look at your eye lashes and make quick suggestion. Or message us on Instagram (@ybl.beauty.inc), we’re happy to look at photos to make sure we can achieve your look.

We use exclusively Ellebana products for all our brow and lash services. Through our experience, Ellebana is simply the best and the service lasts longer with this quality product.

Just have your face clean and lashes free of any liner, mascara, or makeup. We will clean them before our application, but great to just start clean.

If you have shorter lashes or lashes with less volume, you are a perfect candidate for a lash lift! Because we are lifting your lashes, you should notice a substantial difference.