Permanent jewelry

Elevate your style to the next level with our 4EVA & EVA permanent jewelry application, exclusively from #YBL. We’re all about that gold-filled and sterling silver goodness, ensuring quality is always on point. Our unique charms are handpicked from endless inspirations. Each piece is carefully hand selected so you can curate a one-of-a-kind accessory that speaks to you Queen.

More on perm jewelry

Mark those special moments with our permanent jewelry, perfect for occasions like bachelorette parties, bestie weekends, or something just for you and your significant other. It’s not just jewelry; it’s a form of self-expression that represents you and your crew.

While the jewelry is “permanent,” it is still fine jewelry and needs to be treated as such. The jewelry is permanent in the aspect that you cannot take it off, but the chains are meant to break under enough pressure to prevent injury to wearer. Please keep in mind that even though it’s real gold and sterling silver, it is dainty and too much pulling or snagging could cause it to break or stretch. If you are wanting/ needing to take your jewelry off, we can always take it off and re apply it using the jump ring.

What you should know about perm jewelry

Perm jewelry

Some of our chains

Always solid gold-filled or sterling silver, 14K available


By permanent, the piece is welded onto you–no clasps, so you cannot take it off day-to-day. Depending on your normal activities, the chain could break and it can always be removed with scissors. If the piece breaks at the jump ring (tiny piece of material used to weld piece together), we can repair it free of charge. These are dainty pieces, so they certainly can break (especially anklets, when you take off your leggings, pieces are prone to break, take off your leggings with care!).

The process is completely painless and safe. You will not feel a thing. Our safety caution is to not look at the light while we weld and wearing super cool safety , it’s incredibly bright and staring at it can be hard on your eyes.

This jewelry will go through airport security with no problem.

We will happily remove your jewelry for free and re-weld it if you have a planned medical appointment where the jewelry needs to be removed. In the case of an emergency, medical staff will be able to remove it quickly.

Contact us, we want you to love your piece. We can either find another piece that works for you, or get it removed and add a collapse so it’s not permanent. Sometimes they’re can be too much of a good thing.