We empower her,

to empower you

#YBL has a vision to provide any service, anytime, anywhere to help you (and the beautician) live Your Best Life.

What we believe


#YBL was founded on the promise to provide equitable ooportunites for women. we promise to share success with artists and commit to fairness for our artists with transparency and respect


Beauty is deeply rooted in culture. We celebrate that culture. Every culture. And promise a curious mindset that empowers you to celebrate you—however you choose to represent yourself.


We are not naive to the evolution of beauty. We don’t force agendas. Classic red lipstick. You go boss. But if your definition of beauty is different, you do you and we’ll do our best to help you #YBL.

Be part of a new way to do beauty

Join our mission to bring beauty to all women. Reach out km@ybl.beauty – our founder personally reviews every message and welcomes your ideas. If you’re a licensed cosmetologist or aspiring to be one, become a #YBL-er. We’re here for you, really.

#YBL | Beauty-as-a-Service