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#YBL is creating a network of beauticians to create instant glam squads for women everywhere. Rome wasn’t built in a day though, so we’re focusing on making sure our OG #YBL-ers are getting the business they need and focusing on Phoenix and Las Vegas markets, for now. In the area? Interested in joining?

Not in your area yet? No worries, we will be, soon. Follow our Insta or sign up for our newsletter. And keep checking back, our network of #YBL-ers will be growing.

Why #YBL


Embrace freedom in your work schedule. Say goodbye to being idle and get full control over your working hours. Onboard. Get your beauty kit. And make magic happen.


We thrive when you thrive. #YBL is dedicated to supporting the growth of each and every #YBL-er. Set your own pricing and chart your own path to success.


We provide every #YBL-er with options for product, marketing, ongoing learning opportunities, 401Ks, and more. Focus on your craft and leave the business with us.

#YBL invests in you

Before opening our doors, we empowered young women to acquire valuable skills and certifications in permanent jewelry, makeup, sunless tanning, and more. These skills are yours to keep, whether you continue with #YBL or beyond. Why do we do this? Because we believe in the circular effect. Doing good leads to more good. So far, we’ve seen nothing but upside. Passionate about learning a new skill? Nominate yourself to join or drop a note to our founder and tell us what you want to do next.

Training #YBL has already funded for our OG #YBL-ers


Here’s answers to some of our most common questions.

#YBL is a fresh approach to revolutionize the beauty services industry. Too many beauticians endure unfair contracts and low commissions, while women struggle to access the expanding list of services they desire. We also want to make custom glam squads more accessible–and not just something women treat themselves too for big occasions, like their wedding. 

Our mission is to unite these two worlds and become the honest broker in beauty, empowering women to build their own instant glow squads–while you build your wallet.

If you’re already thriving as a freelancer or loving your current salon, we applaud you–no need to apply here. However, if you’re seeking support, along with the advantages of dedicating more time to your craft and less to business mechanics (while enhancing your skills) consider becoming a #YBL-er. There’s no real downside. You’re in the front seat, choose your appointments, and the services you want to do so that you live Your Best Life.

#YBL is especially well-suited for beauticians looking to earn extra income on the side as we continue to expand our offerings.

It depends on the service. And we’re still working on figuring things out so it makes financial sense for everyone but we commit at least a 50% split.

Yes! #YBL-ers are provided most of the products and equipment they need to do a service. We do this to help eliminate overhead for you, but creates consistency for our customers.  The rules are quite obvious, #YBL-ers must use product only for #YBL services and return product if they leave #YBL. For makeup, #YBL-ers have the option to buy out their makeup kit if they choose to leave (but we hope you stay).

Absolutely not. And we don’t think any place has the right to prevent you from earning extra money doing your craft. Like any business, we have a strict “no poaching” rule but that’s just fair. We get into the fine print when you join.

Pretty simple:

Location: You must be located in and willing to provide mobile-based services in either Las Vegas or Phoenix metros via mobile appointments.

Qualifications: You should either be licensed or have experience in providing beauty services for brows, hair, braids, makeup, sunless tanning, or have a passion for a service you’d like to introduce to #YBL. (Note: We added permanent jewelry before taking our first appointment.) Our application process is pretty simple and we’ll do an audition (that we’ll pay you for). Right now, we’re mobile-based so a car and willingness for in-home treatments is a must.

Expansion: Even if we’re not currently in your area, please connect with us–we’re expanding to new markets soon. The cities at the top of our list include Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and Seattle but our expansion depends on you. We’re looking to work with #YBL-ers who believe in our vision and are committed to a new way to do beauty.

#YBL is embracing the work trend of today of “you do you.” You choose your hours. We don’t dictate. #YBL is here in service of you and you are your own contractor (as a 1099), supporting #YBL. In our commitment to help #YBL-ers build their wallets, we offer a modest 401K and hope to expand the 401K offerings—and additional benefits—really soon. In the meantime, us OG #YBL-ers are having a lot of fun, consider joining to try a new way of doing beauty.

Yes, eventually, but we’re taking it one step at a time. Our vision is for beauticians and customers to connect wherever and whenever it’s convenient, whether it’s at a salon, on-location, or even through digital-based appointments for consultations and tutorials. Right now, we’re starting with a mobile-focused approach (remember, Rome–we’re building an empire, one lipstick application at a time).