Let #YBL add some magic to your event. Wedding, bachelorette, birthday, or Tuesday night book club, we got you.

Event magic by #YBL:
Elevate every occasion

We’re all about helping you and your squad look and feel fabulous together. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, your wedding, a milestone birthday, or just a casual Tuesday celebration, trust us to glam up you and your crew.


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Serving Phoenix and Las Vegas markets, for now, our OG #YBL-ers offer what you need to help you look and feel your best. Ready to book? You know what to do.

Spray Tans

Get your glow with a by hand application contoured and blended just for you. Using exclusively Norvell products we will never make you orange. This is the best solution out there. We come to you, pop up a tent, and you’re a gorgeous glow in an instant. 


Whatever look you’re going for, makeup can make it a reality. Makeup is an artform that is the ultimate beauty technique to enhance your natural beauty or indulge in a (temporary) complete transformation. We experiment with all the products so you don’t have to and bring the best of the best to you to help you achieve whatever look you’re going for. And with #YBL, get some extras you don’t see every day. Like glitter lips (they’re kind of magical).


The brow trend is real. Wake up confident with a brow service that frames your face and gives you the confidence to live Your Best Life. We specialize in brow laminations, shaping, and tinting, all designed to frame your face and empower you to embrace Your Best Life. With a bit of maintenance, results typically remain stunning for up to four weeks, allowing you to maintain your beautiful brows effortlessly.

Unicorn Braids + Hair

Add some magic with unicorn braids (braids with color). We supply the color and you choose French or Dutch braids. Depending on hair texture, our unicorn braids last approximately a week. And we offer hairstyling to match your glam look–just be prepped with freshly washed, detangled hair and we’ll take care of the rest.

Blow Outs

How can we offer makeup without doing your hair? We offer blowouts, dry styling, braids and more. Our team is passionate about supporting every woman, with every color, and any texture of hair. So let us know what you need and we got you. We just need you to come prepped with freshly washed, detangled hair and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team has an extended fam or experienced braiders and weave artists, so if you need a protective style, hit us up and we’ll make it happen.

Perm jewelry

Give an extra statement to your style with permanent jewelry. Each piece is expertly soldered and meticulously measured for you. Pick your piece and love it forever. 


Here’s answers to some of our most common questions.

Absolutely! Currently, with our growing network, you may have a default fabulous choice when booking. However, as we expand, you’ll have the option to select your preferred #YBL-er, and she’ll be there to meet you wherever you are.

Yes! The spirit of #YBL is celebrating those unique bonding moments of getting ready with your girls while you live Your Best Life. Send us a note and we will work out all the logistics (we may even offer to bring the bubbly and cheese plates, no seriously, full service beauty events to be added soon).

Yes, we do offer same-day appointments whenever we have availability. At #YBL, our goal is to create a seamless experience for our clients, making it easy to book beauty services with just a few clicks. While we continue to expand our network of beauty professionals, our dedicated founding #YBL members are ready and eager to assist you in looking and feeling fabulous.

We’re here to support you for Your Best Life. We make magic happen. If you have a special request or would like to customize your appointment in any way, let us know. We’re dedicated to making your beauty experience exceptional. After any appointment is booked, we reach out to ensure we fully understand your needs. And if you think of something after, always feel free to reach out whether email, Insta, carrier pigeon. We’re listening.

Our cancellation policy is designed to ensure that we can provide the best service to all our clients while respecting the time and commitment of our #YBL-ers. Our standard cancellation fee is 60% for appointments canceled within 24 hours of your appointment. But we are human and understand unforeseen circumstances can arise, so if you have an emergency, please reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. 

Hopefully soon! #YBL’s goal is to be a network–empowering beauticians across the country to service whatever service you could imagine. Follow our Insta or join our newsletter to stay up to date. In the meantime, if you have a Vegas or Phoenix getaway on the books–hit us up.

Yes! #YBL is 100% by the book. All states have different requirements for beauty service. We ensure that are #YBL-ers have proper credentials to safely and legally perform services–and keep a record of all licenses.

Absolutely!100% of  any gratuity goes to the #YBL-er. While our #YBL-ers receive competitive compensation, your generosity is always welcomed and we’d never want to stand in the way if you want to give a little extra.