Introducing #YBL: A new way to do beauty

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Women are magical. 

I want to celebrate those moments when you look in the mirror and radiate your inner Queen through Your Best Life.

Your Best Life, aka #YBL, is working towards offering Beauty-as-a-Service (BaaS). In a world where we are always on the go, #YBL has a vision to build a network of beauticians to deliver any service, at any time–no matter where you are. 

I believe there is a gap in the market. Going out of town? Who is going to do your hair? With #YBL, the network will know your past appointments, your preferences, even products used and can set you up in a few clicks. And why is this statement limited to hair? What if you need your brows done, want glam makeup, or a “glow-up” (spray tan)? 

With #YBL, you can build your glam squad. Customized to you.

But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. #YBL is dedicated to making this vision a reality, one lipstick application at a time. Today, we are thrilled to officially launch our full website and start accepting appointments after October 18, 2023. Our network of OG #YBL-ers is small and mighty but we’re ready to get your glam on. The network of #YBL-ers will grow with us.

Let’s do this.

Beauticians are the heart of #YBL

#YBL is inspired by the young, talented women that help us look and feel our best. Let’s be honest – no matter how gorgeous the salon, the skill and expertise of your beauty provider ultimately determines if you’ll return. The success of any beauty company hinges on them.

And yet, too often, beauticians enter the industry and struggle. Whether they’re working for salons that offer meager commissions with unfair business practices or or they’re freelancers trying to balance their craft with the demands of running a business, the journey isn’t easy. 

At #YBL, we deeply respect the artistry and resilience of beauticians, our first objective is to elevate them and help them focus on their craft, on their terms. #YBL offers a bridge to managing the business and marketing aspects of a company and seeks to be the honest broker between beautician and client. The promise to every beautician that joins #YBL is that we will offer you an equitable split of all service fees, we will empower you with everything you need for services, and we offer benefits in the form of continuing education, healthcare, 401Ks, and more (and in the spirit of transparency, not all benefits are available, but we’re working on it). 

Beauty in a few clicks

#YBL is designed with the modern woman in mind. We understand the challenges of finding preferred beauty services and the frustration when stylists are unavailable. With #YBL, the vision is you can effortlessly access beauty services in a few clicks, whether in a studio, on location, or even virtually (for tutorials and guidance). 

With the #YBL network, we centrally manage all your preferences, catalog all your past appointments so when you go for that vacation weekend in Vegas, the local #YBL-er has all your details and you have the confidence that your appointment will be flawless.

#YBL empowers you to create your personalized glam squad, access beauty services conveniently, and support talented beauticians to build their books and their wallets–on their terms. Today we are offering services for “glow ups” (sunless tanning), makeup, brows, unicorn braids + dry styling, and permanent jewelry. We are mobile-based for now serving the Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada markets but hope to expand soon, and introduce #YBL salons.

The circular effect

Whatever beauty means to you, we are here to make it a reality. Our core ethos is the promotion of ethical and sustainable beauty and business practices. Together, we aim to create a positive cycle that uplifts beauticians while providing you with instant access to the services that help you look and feel your best.

Book an appointment to live Your Best Life, knowing that your dollars are invested in a mission to deliver a brighter, more accessible, and personalized beauty experience.

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