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Got a ring on that finger? #YBL is making a grand entrance into the wedding scene! Boasting a fabulous team of beauticians and a host of unique partnerships, we’re thrilled to offer expertly curated wedding styling. We offer comprehensive suite of services that cater to every part of your wedding journey – from engagement and bachelorette party to the big day and the celebratory post-wedding brunch. Our team is more than just makeup artists; we’re your partners in glam, ensuring seamless coordination for a flawless wedding. We take pride in our exceptional attention to detail and commitment to making your wedding experience as perfect as it deserves to be.

Embarking on your engagement photo session? Whether you’re a Phoenix local or visiting to check out wedding venues, this is the ideal time to explore different beauty treatments and styles for your special day. At #YBL, we centralize your beauty preferences, so every #YBL-er knows all your preferences. Detailed notes and pictures empower any #YBL artist to deliver the exact look you desire. Plus, every wedding booking includes a trial session to perfect your look.

Phoenix venue ideas for engagement photos

Whether you want a more polished look, or embrace the desert beauty, there are lots of great options for photos. Just keep the weather in mind. From May – September, you probably want to avoid outdoor photos unless its dawn or dusk (and it can still be hot, in the 100s after dark, locals, you know!).

For polished glam: Petal Pix for floral-inspired photos

For a touch of polished glam, consider Petal Pix for your floral-inspired engagement photos. Located in Chandler, AZ, this boutique photo studio is nothing short of stunning. Petal Pix features an array of uniquely decorated photo booths, each adorned with flowers in every color imaginable. From head-to-toe floral backdrops to vibrant settings, this studio is sure to add a ‘WOW’ factor to your engagement photos, capturing moments in a sea of blooms that are as unforgettable as they are beautiful.

At Petal Pix, you have the option to walk in during business hours and use the captivating space for just $25 per hour. For a more exclusive experience, inquire about private bookings. With this option, the studio becomes solely yours, creating a personal and intimate atmosphere for your engagement photos. Plus, if you’re looking for that extra touch of glamour, #YBL can come onsite to provide professional hair and makeup services, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best in every shot.

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Desert Botanical Garden for natural, desert vibes

Botanical gardens AZ + #YBLThe Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix offers a uniquely enchanting setting for engagement photos, capturing the essence of the desert’s natural beauty. With its vibrant array of cacti, succulents, and flowering plants set against the dramatic backdrop of red rock formations and clear blue skies, the garden provides a stunning, colorful canvas for romantic photos. Its winding paths and hidden nooks create intimate spaces for couples to share tender moments, beautifully framed by the desert landscape. The garden’s ever-changing seasonal blooms and spectacular sunsets offer a variety of breathtaking scenes, ensuring that each photo captures a moment as unique and special as the couple’s own love story. Whether you’re seeking a backdrop of serene greenery or dramatic desert vistas, the Desert Botanical Garden promises a magical and memorable setting for engagement photos.

If you’re opting for a natural setting for your engagement photos? We highly recommend changing into your outfits onsite to keep them pristine. It’s also a great idea to bring along an extra pair of hands – preferably your trusted #YBL-er, but a friend can be just as helpful. They can assist with perfecting your outfit, ensuring every detail is in place, and offering timely reminders to reapply lip gloss or make other small touch-ups. This way, you can stay focused on capturing those beautiful moments, stress-free and looking your absolute best.

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Audition beauty treatments and looks

Wherever you do your engagement photos, this is a great chance to trial beauty services you might want for W-day. For example, this is the perfect time to trial your spray tan, ensuring you know exactly what to expect for your big W-day. 

Trial your glow

At #YBL, spray tanning is one of our core services, and we work to ensure all our #YBL-ers are Norvell Certified and we have an Anti-Orange Guarantee (we promise a no-clown like, orange glow or your money back). If you’re local to Phoenix, book with us! But if we’re not in your area, we’ve got some tips for you – and fingers crossed, we’ll be in your zip code by your first anniversary!

  1. Hand-Applied, Airbrush Tans: Avoid those tanning booths. Opt for a salon where technicians hand-apply the tan. This ensures even coverage and allows for contouring effects.

  2. And then, look for studios that use Norvell products. Novell is the gold standard. At #YBL, we use the Venetian and Cosmopolitan formulas:
    1. Venetian Formula: Ideal for a Mediterranean glow without any orange undertones.
    2. Cosmo Formula: Adds a bit of orange for that vibrant Miami-style glow.

      Note: There’s a slight upcharge for Cosmo, but both options are fabulous. The best choice for you depends on your skin’s undertones. Personally, I find the Venetian formula to be my favorite.

  3. And then finally, get the post-care products. We recommend is:

Engagement photos are a perfect opp to trial your glow for your wedding day look. So, choose wisely and glow beautifully!

Brows on point

Brow shaping, tint, lamination with #YBL
Brow lamination by #YBL

Another pro tip for your wedding prep: Don’t leave your brow grooming to the last minute. Use your engagement photo session as the perfect opportunity to test out the brow service you envision for your wedding day.

At #YBL, we’re excited to offer brow laminations, and soon, powder brows. Brow lamination is an excellent way to add volume to your brows, offering a cost-effective alternative to microblading. If you’re considering brow tinting for the first time, we recommend scheduling your appointment at least 72 hours before your photo shoot, allowing the tint to settle for a natural look.

Unlike many providers who offer limited tint options, #YBL uses Brow Code products and carries a comprehensive range of colors. This ensures we can perfectly match the tint to your specific needs.

Explore our portfolio and book your brow services with us to ensure your brows are as picture-perfect as your special day.”

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Experiment with other beauty treatments

In summary, use the engagement photos to audition some beauty treatments. Here is a few other ideas:

  • Lip tints: Imagine a temporary tattoo that infuses your lips with natural-looking color, eliminating the need for constant lipstick reapplication and the dreaded lipstick-on-teeth scenario. While #YBL doesn’t currently offer lip tint services, we highly recommend Arizona Beauty Deck for this innovative treatment, Alexis is fabulous. It’s an excellent way to ensure your lips look stunningly vibrant, both in your engagement photos and on your big day. 
  • Cryotherapy Facials: Brrrr. But this facial helps tighten and give your skin a more youthful appearance almost immediately. We still need to try this service ourselves, but there is a good list on Yelp.

We hope this guide has been insightful for your wedding preparations! We’re eager to chat about your big day and explore how #YBL can bring your dream wedding to life. For those in the Phoenix area, come meet us at the Arizona Wedding Show on January 27 – 28! For everyone else, we wish you joyous wedding planning. Stay tuned for more helpful tips and tricks to make your wedding day truly unforgettable. Remember, you can always book our services and find more information on our events page (or just message us, we’re always up to chat).