Get the glow: Best practices for a flawless spray tan

#YBL-er spray tanning using Norvell solution

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Whether you’re looking for a sun-kissed Mediterranean glow, seeking to balance your skin tone, or wanting to immerse your skin in a rejuvenating vitamin bath, spray tans provide a safe way to achieve your desired look without any sun exposure. #YBL offers spray tans to help you look and feel your best (after all, we are all about you living Your Best Life). Here’s the skinny on what to do to get the best results.

Before your spray tan appointment

  1. For best results, ensure that you have done a good exfoliation and shaved or waxed at least 24-hours before appointment.
  2. Avoid lotions, makeup, and deodorant the day of.

During your spray tan appointment

  1. At your appointment time, we will arrive at your location with our equipment. It will take us approximately 10 to 15 minutes to set up and we will just need space to pop up the ‘glow palace’ (tent). We prefer to avoid setting up on carpet, but the spray solution is totally washable and we’re very careful and tidy (and we’re insured). After you book your appointment, we will connect with you to make sure we have all the details… Like parking, if there are stairs, etc.
  2. Our #YBL-er will prepare your spray tan formula (aligned to your preferences with any customizations), and you’ll pop into the tent. We recommend tanning nude. Unless you really want a glow line, this is the best way for a completely even tan. But it is all to your comfort level, and we have disposable panties if you want, or you can spray tan and whatever you would like. This is about you.
  3. Once in the tent, you will apply barrier cream on elbows, knees, bottoms of hands, and we have cute little foot pads to protect the bottoms of your feet. The Norvell solution does a great job of not turning you orange, but because the moisturizer balance is different in these parts of our bodies, it absorbs less of the tanning solution. The barrier cream helps maintain even color, and don’t worry. Our #YBL-er will tell you exactly what to do. Using our airbrush, the #YBL-er will apply the formula and have you do the ‘scarecrow dance.’
  4. Applying the tan only takes a few minutes, and after you are done, you will stay in the Glow Palace for two minutes for the tan to set with a fan.

After your spray tan appointment

  1. After your appointment, slip into a robe or loose clothing and let your tan set in the comfort of your home.
  2. Depending on how dark you want to go, the solution should sit for at least 8 hours and up to 24 hours unless it is the rapid tan in which we recommend 1 to 4 hours (your #YBL-er will help you).
  3. When you go for your first shower after your tan, only rinse in lukewarm water (no soap). You will notice color rinsing off. This is totally normal! It’s the excess solution. Keep rinsing in lukewarm water until the water rinses clear. Gently pat yourself dry and apply lotion. We recommend Norvell‘s tan maintenance lotion (and body wash, which #YBL sells) to help maintain your tan, but natural lotions like cocoa butter work well too.
  4. After that, shower normally but avoid exfoliation or scrubbing excessively hard.

Enjoy your glow! Your tan should last up to 2 weeks (and up to 3 weeks). It depends on maintenance and your skin, then get ready for another glow. #YBL provides subscription tanning services for dedicated glowers.