Makeup services

Makeup possesses the remarkable ability to transform, making it one of the most versatile tools in the world of beauty. At #YBL, we offer a wide range of makeup services to help you achieve the desired look, whether it’s a classic cat eye with bold red lips, shimmering galactic shades in pinks and purples, or a more natural look with subtle contouring.

More on makeup

We believe that professional makeup application shouldn’t be limited to special occasions like weddings (though we’d be honored to be a part of your big day). At #YBL, we think pampering yourself should be the norm.

Our #YBL makeup artists go through a rehearsal process before joining our platform. We take diversity seriously and promise our  #YBL-ers are skilled in working with all complexions. Once they’re vetted, we equip them with high-quality cosmetics to maintain consistent product standards across all our #YBL-ers. So if you had your makeup done in Phoenix and have an event in Vegas, your #YBL-er can offer a similar look or create something entirely new.

Fav products

e.l.f. Power Grip

We have yet to meet someone that doesn’t love Elf Power Grip. It makes your makeup application flawless.

MACC Studio Fix

We believe in inclusive beauty. Every #YBL-er is given these palettes to ensure she can contour and shape for any skin tone.

Morphe Setting Mist

This continuous, air-powered spray delivers an even and controlled application to set either liquid or powder makeup, with a radiant finish, and it smells amazing.


A standard makeup service typically takes approximately 60 minutes. If you opt for an “express” service, it can be done in about 30 minutes. The duration of bridal makeup varies depending on the complexity of the desired look, and we provide individual quotes for bridal services.

In our appointment book, we offer a standard and express service. For bridal, we request you contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Absolutely! We welcome your ideas and preferences. We’re even working on a virtual moodboard to collaborate on your desired look before your appointment. Whether you have a clear vision or need guidance, we’ve got you covered.

For bridal makeup, we do offer consultations and require a trial run to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the look. For other appointments, we always consult with you before the application, but a pre-trial would involve an additional fee.

It depends. But, #YBL is working towards a network of #YBL-ers that are always offering the best products in the industry. Of course, in makeup, with such diverse skin tones and textures, individuals will have different opinions. We carry a wide variety of products and promise there is product in our kit that will achieve your desired look.

If you would like to bring your foundation, please do, but we absolutely guarantee our #YBL-ers have the foundation available to match your skintone perfectly.

The ideal preparation depends on your skin type, whether it’s oily or dry. In general, we recommend clean and hydrated skin. We also offer a mask pre-application. Those with dry skin can benefit from extra moisture, and if you’re looking for a touch of luxury, consider adding a mini-facial to your session. Your #YBL artist can offer personalized recommendations based on your skin’s unique needs.